by | July 24, 2017 | 00:45

Here's a synopsis: Set in the near future, Ready Player One follows outcast teenager Wade Watts (Sheridan), who escapes from his bleak surroundings by logging in to the OASIS , a globally networked virtual utopia where users can lead idyllic alternate lives.

by | July 22, 2017 | 00:41

FIRST Global , a US -based non-profit that organized the competition, said it had notified police about the missing competitors. They were reportedly last seen on Tuesday, the final day of the competition. Competition organisers became aware of the missing teens when the team's mentor could not locate them. The Afghan girls were eventually allowed to travel to the USA on a ten-day " parole " permit, after President Donald Trump personally interceded with the State Department , ...

by | July 16, 2017 | 00:39

This ten hour trial allows players to explore the world of Andromeda for a few hours without needing to commit to purchasing the game. BioWare has released a free trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda that all PlayStation 4, Xbox One , and PC players can download and enjoy.

by | July 15, 2017 | 00:28

The third-person view allows players to have a better look of their surroundings and check around corners for possible danger, while the first-person view is often used for engaging against enemies for better accuracy. They are set to be added to the game in the next update , and will not be replacing old servers but adding new ones. Servers that are restricted to the first-person view mode have been a highly requested feature by the community since the game's inception, and will ...

by | July 09, 2017 | 00:44

Ted Cruz to help revive a health care bill that now lacks enough Republican support to pass - a move that risks alienating moderates in the party. "As we've said time and time again, Democrats are eager to work with Republicans to stabilize the markets and improve the law".

by | July 07, 2017 | 00:40

That's right, Halo 5: Guardians is getting a 4K makeover. This includes: Halo 3 , Halo 3: ODST , Halo 4 , and Halo: CE Anniversary . It was unusual to many, that Phil Spencer didn't mention Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection at E3 when the Xbox One X was officially revealed.

by | July 01, 2017 | 00:39

The New York Times reported that three doctors were among those shot. There was no word on their conditions. Citing a fire department official, the New York Times said at least one wounded doctor was treated using an emergency fire hose fashioned as a tourniquet.

by | June 25, 2017 | 01:51

Compared to Cars 2 , which opened to $66 million, and Cars , which saw $60 million, it's the lowest in the franchise. At the same time, " Cars 3 " came in 19 percent behind the 66.1 million Dollars domestic debut of " Cars 2 " in 2011, which went on to earn 562.1 million USD worldwide.

by | June 24, 2017 | 00:56

Data in G Suite's Gmail isn't scanned for ad personalization, and soon, we'll be able to say the same about every Gmail user around the world. In fact, it seems the reassurance of G Suite customers who use Gmail is one of the driving forces behind the change that is coming to consumer Gmail customers.

by | June 19, 2017 | 02:15

Just two years after developing a 7nm chip with 20 billion transistors, IBM has taken the wraps off technology that will usher in smaller, 5nm chips with higher performance and greater efficiency. As IBM alliance partners, both of these chipmakers will have full access to this technology, since they share patents associated with the nanosheet transistor structure and fabrication.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:12

If you've ever been to a rock concert it's likely you've thrown up the horns hand gesture . Simmons has claimed that this hand gesture was first used in a commercial setting on November 14, 1974. "To Simmons" credit, he has been making that symbol with his hands for decades now, but comics fans will also recognize it as one of the more common gestures that certain comics characters use to activate their powers.

by | June 11, 2017 | 09:44

Some Apple users could be in for a shock, with the tech giant announcing all devices manufactured in 2013 or earlier will soon be made obsolete. The company also showed off simple AR filters that make use of an iPhone's or iPad's camera to add virtual objects to the environment - something that's very similar to Facebook's use of filters and Snapchat's "world lenses".

by | June 10, 2017 | 16:59

On Saturday the 20-year-old plays Romania's Simona Halep for the French Open title, and if she wins she will be the first player to win their first Tour title at a grand slam since Gustavo Kuerten did so on June 8th, 1997, which just happens to be the day Ostapenko was born.

by | June 08, 2017 | 02:03

Traditionally, WWDC only sees software updates . Without an Apple speaker, consumers seeking smart home devices may opt both for competing hardware and services like Amazon Prime and Google Play Music. Shipments of intelligent home speakers surged almost 600 per cent year-over-year to 4.2 million units in the fourth quarter, with Amazon taking about 88 per cent share and Google 10 percent, according to consultant Strategy Analytics.

by | June 08, 2017 | 02:00

Killing Floor 2 and Life is unusual both appeared in the tweet, highlighting what is most likely going to be subscribers' free game of next month, bar some odd series of events that change that . Not all have given up hope though. The players will fight through waves of Zeds. Now, Sony has its PlayStation 4 system to support, and it's already been a massive success for the company.

by | June 01, 2017 | 01:05

While the motive was not immediately clear, the attack underscores the extreme insecurity in Afghanistan , where a military is incapable of beating back the insurgents, who now control over a third of the country. The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack in a statement. Afghanistan's private Tolo Television also reported a staffer killed, and Germany said an Afghan security guard outside its embassy was among those who died.

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:47

Model numbers include 1871689, 1908152, 1813074, 1872691, 1853478, 1877535, 1813015 and 1794334. Next, look for the date on the tag on the webbing of the harness on the back of the seat and check the information against the chart below. Dealers will provide consumers with a replacement harness, free of charge. Graco, a subsidiary of Newell Brands Inc (NYSE: NWL ), will start sending out the new harnesses on July 17, 2017 .

by | May 24, 2017 | 04:55

Starting today, you'll see new "rings" at the top of the Explore feed showing you stories taking place near your physical location - a city, for example. You'll also start seeing story rings for hashtags, but you'll need to search for those. Each user is limited to three custom Stories at a time. Once updated and activated in your Snapchat account, custom Stories will enable you to create global and geofenced stories with friends of your choice.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:23

The latest development in the Takata airbag story arrived on Thursday and included four automakers, almost 16 million vehicles and more than $500 million in settlements . Auto makers will also reimburse some expenses such as for transportation, storing or towing charges, child-care bills and lost wages during vehicle repairs.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:20

She's so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing. She may be still young, but at just 19 years old, Kylie Jenner already seems to have succeeded her life. Kylie Jenner . But I'm not totally innocent because I am keeping up this lifestyle. Kylie recently ended her relationship with Tyga and quickly rebounded with the "Goosebumps" rapper, who would be living in the house rent-free.

by | May 16, 2017 | 09:10

A group of young engineers from the auto and aerospace industries are working on the project, which is being funded by a number of investors including Toyota subsidiaries. Following Airbus and Uber, Toyota is the latest large corporation to show interest in flying cars. However, the company decided in November 2015 to create a fund to invest in tech startups, including a research and development center opened in the US previous year dedicated to artificial intelligence.

by | May 13, 2017 | 01:28

The latest update to the Opera browser is now live and users can get it by clicking the below download link. "We believe this needs to change". While switching between the tabs to use different messengers can often prove to be a cumbersome task, Opera's Reborn beta build aims to ease up the process by allowing users to "chat side-by-side as they browse".

by | May 13, 2017 | 01:18

Even though the cases of 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be available by June, Apple is not selling a tablet of that size. It's rumored the iPad will have slimmer bezels , especially on the top and bottom to keep the dimensions closer to that of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

by | May 07, 2017 | 12:26

The report further states that Facebook will focus on teen-centric shows as the company sees rival Snapchat as one of its main competitors in this space. "But (Facebook) decided to instead make the debut in time for the Cannes Lions advertising festival, which starts on June 17", the report said. captionKevin Hart's YouTube show was announced Thursday.sourceFilmMagic for YouTube " Five years ago, 85 percent of all original series were ad-supported", Robert Kyncl, YouTube's business ...

by | May 06, 2017 | 02:02

The leak coming from Weibo user named Kumamoto Technology claims that the upcoming handset will get a horizontal dual camera placement on the back and not the previously rumored vertical dual-lens camera setup. Teased OnePlus 5 phone could come sooner than we thought. This we know. The OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 3 were the phones of the year in 2016.

by | April 30, 2017 | 01:20

If you're curious about how the Prey demo plays out, and why Bethesda might have wanted to use this to reintroduce the series to a new audience, you should be sure to watch the full video (seen above). Bethesda has also revealed the minimum and recommended PC specifications for running Prey . Recommended specifications, meanwhile, are an Intel i7-2600K or AMD FX-8350 CPU , a GTX 970 4GB or AMD R9 290 4GB GPU , and 16 GB of RAM.

by | April 30, 2017 | 01:10

This past season, Reddick led the nation in TFLs with 22.5 which also tied a Temple single-season record and was second in the AAC with 10.5 sacks. "Talking to the GM, talking to Coach BA (Bruce Arians) the love that was felt was so genuine and immediately I felt the love with the coaching staff and I felt that I wanted to be there".

by | April 30, 2017 | 01:09

Tekken 7 will be the first entry in the fighting series for a while when it comes out in June, but producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed via an interview with VG247 that one famous character won't be returning: Roger the Kangaroo. As Harada (rightly) points out, the folks lobbying these complaints would likely never even play a Tekken game yet they still want the game altered to suit their specific agenda.

by | April 30, 2017 | 01:01

While the 3DS features two folding screens that play games in 3D, the 2DS is one hunk of plastic with two 2D screens. The new version of the budget-friendly entry-level edition of the Nintendo 3DS will come with a number of hardware upgrades, as well as second analog nub also featured in the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

by | April 29, 2017 | 21:33

Aya Hijazi , an Egyptian who holds USA citizenship, was acquitted by a Cairo court on Sunday along with seven others who had worked with street children. and after her arrival, she met with Trump at the White House. Hijazi and her family reportedly returned to the US on Thursday night aboard a USA government plane.

by | April 29, 2017 | 21:26

LG Electronics' sales also reached record first-quarter high of 14.7 trillion won, up 10 percent from a year ago. The South Korean giant once again credited its financial growth to strong sales generated from its home appliance and air solutions division, particularly in Asia and Latin America.

by | April 29, 2017 | 21:27

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime features a 5MP resolution main camera at the back, coupled with an f/1.9 aperture lens. It's odd, but despite the global popularity of last year's low to mid-end Galaxy J smartphone family, Samsung is holding off the launch of 2017 J3 , J5 and J7 editions.

by | April 28, 2017 | 01:06

It's important to note that previous videos of iPhone models have more or less stuck with Apple's roadmap this year . This means that it will decrease the size of the upcoming phone's bezels so it can have more space for the screen display.

by | April 28, 2017 | 00:52

When you are ready to cook, you will have to give the command "Ok, Google, start cooking" or "Ok, Google, start recipe". For one, you can ask it any of the normal stuff you'd ask your Assistant-powered phone or your Google Home speaker. Google has provided step-by-step instructions for getting started along with a few sample projects, and has also established a dedicated Google+ developer community.

by | April 28, 2017 | 00:52

All the while, P2P has seemed like an opportunity for Apple Pay to expand into. In addition to that, Apple could be working on a pre-paid Visa card to cash out on your Apple Pay wallet. These services have typically been money losers for the new entrants in the space, but are seen as the gateway to the next generation of payment and personal finance services.