by | October 07, 2016 | 08:16

However, this year the Physics winners are at the upper end of the age bracket - Thouless is 82, Kosterlitz is 74, and Haldane is 65. Professor Kosterlitz, who is now a visiting fellow at Aalto University in Finland, told the Associated Press he was "still trying to take it in".

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:16

Obama said, "She doesn't cry foul" and tapped her microphone. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Tuesday, Oct. "And the reason is they're not in big pools", Clinton said. Trump, he said , impossibly pledges to recreate a bygone manufacturing-and-coal economy, while Hillary Clinton wants new investments in infrastructure, technology and new energy sources.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:17

If you loved Gilmore Girls, and you terribly miss the lives of Lorelei and Rory, you're in luck, the show is returning to Netflix for four episodes. We've emailed our friends at the United Kingdom branch of Stars Hollow to find out whether such a cool thing might wend its way to Britain and Northern Ireland, and we'll report back as soon as we hear anything.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:16

Mr Natella said the tech company has invested over $3 billion (€2.67 billion) across Europe to date, and that Microsoft intends to deliver its cloud services from data centres in France from next year. Microsoft already has cloud centers in Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Ireland's Health Service Executive and the Franco-Japanese car-making partnership Renault-Nissan Alliance are also customers, it said.

by | October 04, 2016 | 01:16

But Hugo Barra , former Googler and current global VP for Xiaomi, posted this message on Twitter this morning, confirming that the product is now available to buy online for $69. Choose from thousands of movies using popular media streaming services such as Netflix , Hulu, HBO, Showtime and VUDU. On the outside, the Mi Box is similar to the Nexus Player in that it appears simple and unassuming.

by | September 29, 2016 | 00:59

The move would give Spotify a larger library of content - SoundCloud has over 125 million songs - and remove a competitor from the streaming music landscape after SoundCloud launched its own paid service earlier this year. Asked whether he felt digital services were shooting themselves in the foot by relying on exclusives as a key enticer for new subscribers, Iovine urged patience, suggesting that it could eventually be common for people to pay for more than one service (like they do with TV ...

by | September 26, 2016 | 01:28

The five foreign satellites are from Algeria, Canada and United States and the two from Indian universities/academic institute satellites will be placed into a 670 km polar orbit. What makes the mission complicated is that once Scatscat-1 is launched, the fourth stage engine of the PSLV-C35 will come to a halt. Initially, the two satellites are planned to set into different orbits for about 30 minutes.

by | September 24, 2016 | 08:19

Now before you start packing up your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to return them, we should point out that this is only on paper that it sounds worse. This was reflected in Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent visit to India and his meetings with government officials.

by | September 23, 2016 | 02:12

The Google Pixel XL sports a 5.5-inches display which is slightly larger than the 5.2-inch on the Pixel. This event is said to unveil the next handsets developed by Google in partnership with HTC. Pichai said that Google will have more say on its smartphones, and it will be more opinionated about them. However, Google seems to have done away with this custom in the upcoming Google devices.

by | September 23, 2016 | 02:08

The ongoing investigation suggested that looted data did not include unprotected passwords or information associated with payments or bank accounts, the Silicon Valley company said. Yahoo has a new account security page with extensive FAQ for those hit by the data breach. Now it seems that the company is about to officially acknowledge sometime this week the massive data breach, which could have implications for its sale to Verizon.

by | September 23, 2016 | 02:04

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hopes to bring together scientists and engineers and build new tools and technology to fight diseases. "We plan to invest billions of dollars over decades", Zuckerberg said. This is because major scientific breakthroughs in the past came on the back of the invention of new tools, according to Zuckerberg, "like the telescope, the microscope and DNA sequencing".

by | September 22, 2016 | 05:45

And while they have some cool new tweaks, they don't have any real must-have new features. The iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769. Now, you may wonder what's so great about that. If not, Apple said users should remove the SIM card before turning the phone on. About $35 a month for 24 months is what it will cost you to pay off the phone completely.

by | September 21, 2016 | 05:37

I then pasted it into email on the iPhone with the usual long press on the screen. Update to the latest version of all your apps. Then go to About This Mac, then the Storage tab , and finally Details. Editing Shortcuts: Similar to the typing conveniences available in iOS, you can now have your Mac capitalize any words that follow a period and insert a period when you type two spaces after any word.

by | September 19, 2016 | 01:20

Heading into the weekend, some rival studios expected the film to earn $20 million, potentially toppling " Sully " from its throne. Then Oliver Stone's " Snowden ", which looked at NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), came in fourth with $ 8 million .

by | September 19, 2016 | 01:15

Though the star has not publicly announced her new relationship, the two were spotted jetting off to Mexico for vacation earlier this summer, after breaking things off with former fling, rapper Trey Songz. A source previously told PEOPLE that the two are a "mini-thing, saying that "they like each other and are hanging out". She explained: "They're doing good.

by | September 19, 2016 | 01:17

The Public Works Department is on the scene and evaluating. Bob Schoelkopf, founder of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, said it was a young male, about 33 feet long with no visible signs of injury or trauma. Officials said they would take samples from the whalte to determine how it died. The whale is being pulled higher up on the beach where it will stay overnight, Schoelkopf said.

by | September 18, 2016 | 00:32

The company that made software that controls Tesla Motors' Autopilot system says it warned the automaker not to allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel while using the system but was ignored. The company announced it will release an update to its vehicles this week that will add increased reliance on the radar sensor used when autopilot is engaged.

by | September 17, 2016 | 00:47

The Arctic's summer sea ice may already have hit a near-record low extent, putting pressure on the region's wildlife. This year's minimum extent is 750,000 square kilometers (290,000 square miles) above the record low set in 2012 and is well below the two standard deviation range for the 37-year satellite record.

by | September 11, 2016 | 01:33

The spokesperson also went on to say that they are proud to have worked with Google on the Nexus 6P and that they will continue to collaborate with the company for future projects. It seems likely the device could fall under the Pixel umbrella as a follow-up to last year's Pixel C (pictured in the gallery up top). According to reports , the upcoming Huawei-made 7-inch Google tablet is said to feature a 7-inch Quad HD display.

by | September 10, 2016 | 01:41

They also concerned Swift. While Colbert mourns the loss of "Colbiddleswift", he pledges his new loyalty to Swift's "Bad Blood" nemesis Katy Perry and her equally public romance. "She is doing OK", a source close to the pop star told E! "He was lazy and never planned for the future or looked after his family because that is the nature of LaVeyan Satanism: Get what you can, live only in the here and now, care only about yourself, and get other people to care for you".

by | September 10, 2016 | 01:39

He also referred to his much-anticipated and much-delayed Autopilot update . SpaceX was out of action for six months last year following the loss of a Falcon 9 rocket just minutes after launch, while VirginGalactic, which suffered a tragedy two years ago in which a spaceplane crash killed one of its pilots, has only just taken to the skies again.

by | September 09, 2016 | 03:42

Inside the spacecraft's cargo chamber are several important scientific test results, highly anticipated by NASA researchers. The spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on July 18 carrying nearly 2,268 kgs of supplies and scientific cargo.

by | September 08, 2016 | 01:14

While that model had originally been referred to as the "PlayStation 4 Slim," it appears that it will entirely replace the original PlayStation 4 model, and as such, will just be called "PlayStation 4". ET/ 12:00 p.m. PT. Meanwhile, it's still unknown if Sony will do the same with the PlayStation Neo, aka PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation 4K. Unlike the Xbox One S, the PS4 Slim doesn't feature any notable upgrades over its predecessor, but hardware revisions have become the norm in ...

by | September 07, 2016 | 03:01

The U.S. backs some of the rebel groups against Assad, seeing them as relative moderates. U.S. President Barack Obama's press conference on September 5 at the G20 Summit in China. The G20 members will capitalize on the new opportunities brought about by innovation, new industrial revolution, digital economy and other new factors and business types, and make a series of action plans, he said.

by | September 05, 2016 | 02:44

There have been many reports of previous phones that have spontaneously burst into flames, in some cases unfortunately injuring, and even killing the carrier of the phone. She's having second thoughts about buying another newly released device, especially after losing all her personal data stored in the destroyed Note 7, she said.

by | September 03, 2016 | 02:10

Eric Reid , the third-year safety and Niners' NFLPA rep who joined him in his protest, said Kaepernick's (physical and metaphorical) stance is about respect for what the flag represents . Domenique Banks, a 23-year-old fan from nearby Oceanside, California, got the quarterback to sign his Kaepernick jersey before the game. "I think having these conversations helps everybody have a better understanding of where everybody is coming from".

by | September 03, 2016 | 02:06

The Green Party turned to a pizza party Friday when their candidate was a no-show because she flew to the wrong OH city. Stein then drove the distance between the two cities, delaying the rally by about two hours. Trump at their first debate on September 26. It's unclear how many of them planned on waiting around for her to make the two-hour drive, pizzas or no.

by | September 02, 2016 | 00:44

The specifications show that it would be the smaller variant, but not necessarily a weaker phone by its class. Both phones bring significant advancements in the evolution of image stabilization, cultivated in Sony's Handycam camcorders, with Sony's SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode to enable superb video .

by | September 02, 2016 | 00:38

But that's not all it got from the XZ: it's armed with the same 23MP front camera tech and features aside from 4K video . Not only does it stabilize the X and Y axes, yaw, and pitch, but also roll. The Xperia XZ has a 5.2in Full HD glass screen and metal back, while the Xperia X Compact has a 4.6in display and high-gloss rear finish. The Xperia XZ will burn a 600 pounds hole in your pocket, which roughly translates to Rs 53,000.

by | September 01, 2016 | 07:55

The deleted Tweet mocked the Democratic candidate's outreach to black voters, saying: "Thank you for your votes and letting me use you again". In the drawing, Clinton is shown holding an anti-police sign and saying "I ain't no ways exhausted of pandering to African-Americans".

by | September 01, 2016 | 07:33

According to The Wall Street Journal , the decision reverses a 25-year-old ruling that banned same-sex couples from seeking the court's help in custody cases. In their rejection of Brooke's suit, the court cited the case of Alison D. v. Virginia M . as precedent for not defining a nonadoptive, nonbiological guardian as parent.

by | August 31, 2016 | 01:15

Longtime researcher of dog vocabulary Attila Andics , along with colleagues at two Hungarian universities, exposed dogs to a series of recordings comprising a range of both variables. And another study found that dog will share with other dogs, what's known as a pro-social behavior, often thought of as a human behavior. During the experiments, dog owners voiced different combinations of words and tones: praise words with approving intonation, praise words with neutral intonation, neutral ...

by | August 31, 2016 | 01:13

It adds that, "wages go up" and "small businesses thrive" with Trump's plans. Clinton called this year "the most unpredictable electoral season" she had ever seen. "African-Americans will vote for Trump because they know I will stop the slaughter going on!" Trump, according to campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, has planned meetings in inner city churches for the rest of the campaign.

by | August 31, 2016 | 01:08

On May 15, 2015, Gizmodo reported , astronomers in the Russian Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia spotted a odd radio signal coming from the direction of a star, HD164595, located fewer than 100 light years away, in the Hercules constellation.

by | August 31, 2016 | 01:04

Now the drivers earn around 54 cents per mile, the Wall Street Journal states. Google is said to be considering including its driverless cars in a ride-sharing model, the WSJ notes, and recent business unit changes suggest it is thinking more seriously about how best to bring its driverless vehicles to market .