US's north east braces for wind-driven storm from Maine to North Carolina

US's north east braces for wind-driven storm from Maine to North Carolina

A major Nor'easter started to slam the East Coast Friday with heavy rain, some heavy snow, strong winds and the prospect of severe coastal flooding.

Snow will mix with the rain Friday afternoon and evening, but no accumulation is expected.

Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C. -based travelers should check directly with their airline about flight cancelations.

Moisture will be moving from south to north throughout the day today with bands of rain and snow showers moving through western Montana.

Friday Night: Rain changing to snow and tapering to snow and rain showers. Flood watches are in effect for northern Fairfield, northern Litchfield, and northern New Haven counties.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country in Southern California, the worst of a major storm passed without triggering new debris flows on slopes denuded by summer wildfires.

- Areas with poor drainage and low-laying urban areas could be particularly susceptible to flooding.

Doppler radar image showing the storm move into the greater Boston area early Friday morning. But he said it could still cause coastal flooding and wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour, enough to cause power outages.

While upwards of a foot (30 centimeters) of snow may fall across interior New York, Pennsylvania and northern New England, the storm's most unsafe aspects will likely be the high tides and strong winds due to start early Friday and continue through Saturday. The winds were expected to have an unusually long duration, lasting into Saturday.

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Some places, particularly along exposed coastal areas, will also see blustery conditions and wintry showers of sleet and hail. Minimum Temperature -3 °C. "Saturday night will be dry with good clear spells and easterly winds will be light to moderate".

Inland New England is more likely to get snow, with a foot possible in upstate NY and western MA.

The latest storm is being strengthened not only by the sharp gradient of warm and cold air but also record warm spots in the Atlantic. Heavier bands of moisture will do that, but it's so hard to predict where those oftentimes narrow heavier bands will set up and how long they will persist. The West Coast is getting hit too. NY could see 10 inches of snow or more, and some parts of New England could get three to four inches of rain.

"The snow is pretty wet and heavy".

With the moon full, the tide is at its highest point of the month. The same storm system brought heavy snow to Detroit and eastern MI where 4 to 8 inches of snow has accumulated.

CBS 13 forecaster Lexie O'Connor warned drivers to watch out for slippery roads as freezing rain and sleet moves through most of inland ME as the storm rolls through Friday.

- It's not just the East Coast that's getting hammered. There, travel will be most slick and some roads could be snow covered.

Wave heights are also slated to reach four to eight feet along the eastern shore, contributing to flooding. Beach erosion will also be a concern up and down the coast as well.

With the storm moving slowly, its wind, rain and flood effects will linger for days.

The storm winds down later Saturday, and some sunshine should return Sunday. Temperatures will be in the mid- to upper-40s.

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