Mario's Taking Over Google Maps in Mississauga!

Mario's Taking Over Google Maps in Mississauga!

From there on, tapping the yellow question mark icon at the bottom of the Google Maps app will trigger a prompt to kick off Mario Time.

While Google Maps may be the first time Mario Kart has officially appeared on mobile platforms, it certainly won't be the last.

The mustachioed plumber will also make an appearance in Google Maps' navigation, if the users opt in to have Mario to accompany them on the journey. While that sounds like a unsafe combo, Google is simply changing the driver's icon in Google Maps to a digital Mario motoring along in his staple red kart.

Once you select the icon, you would be asked whether to use the Mario Time on the app or not, kindly select the Let's Go option when asked.

Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow (March 8th)
The Nintendo Direct for them will be an opportunity to see just how much Nintendo can show their faith was well placed. Most of the spotlight will presumably be on the Nintendo Switch , but we reckon the Nintendo 3DS may yet surprise us.

The new Mario comes as Mario Time for Google Maps for Android and iOS devices. However, it is important that your Maps app is updated. You can see have Mario drive around while following the route.

Furthermore, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run's one-time payment will be at half price starting today until March 25, 2018.

That's a name you've undoubtedly heard, whether you're a major Nintendo fanboy or someone who doesn't care much for video games in general. Mario will then replace the navigation arrow and join users on their commutes for the next seven days.

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