Donald Trump Considering Death Penalty For Drug Dealers

Donald Trump Considering Death Penalty For Drug Dealers

Referring to his campaign slogan of the 2016 presidential elections, Trump said he can't use it in 2020 because of the fantastic accomplishments of his administration.

Mnuchin also argued the press should pay less attention to Trump's rally speeches and more attention to his policies, such as his announcement on tariffs last week.

The visit is a politically risky one for Trump, since Saccone has lost his early lead in the race as Democrats in the district, with an anti-Trump message, gained momentum.

He finally pulled Saccone to the stage near the end of his 75-minute rally, as the candidate exclaimed: "If President Trump's in your corner, how can you lose?"

A uniquely close race in a Tuesday special election for Pennsylvania's House District 18, regardless of whether it is won by a Republican in what many consider steel country, portends some trouble for the GOP in 2018 midterms or beyond, according to NBC News.

The crowd seemed to relish the president's speech, and Mr. Trump himself appeared to enjoy the setting.

At one point, he mocked the idea of being "presidential". But if she runs, he warned a bit ominously, "I know her weakness". They are also confident about winning House and Senate majorities after the national elections in November. "Wouldn't we love to run against Oprah?" And if Pelosi were in charge of the House, he said, Lamb would simply "vote the party line".

But, as he did at similar events during the 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump gave remarks that were freewheeling and covered an array of topics.

"There's also a segment of undecideds that hopefully they'll remember why they voted for Trump to begin with, and they'll come out and vote for me", Saccone said before talking to natural gas workers in Canonsburg.

He touted his decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and boasted that it was something his predecessors couldn't do. Get out on Tuesday and vote for Rick Saccone.

A day after getting news that the United States economy produced 313,000 jobs last month, Trump said his policies are paying off. "I don't think we should play games", Trump said.

Pope Francis hails Pyeongchang peace moves as he praises Paralympians
A South Korean delegation is now en route to the USA and is expected to pass on a message from the North's leader, Kim Jong-un. Blind guy will just wander all over". "It is going to be a wonderful 10 days that we will never forget".

"We need our Congressman Saccone", Trump said, unabashedly framing the race as a tune-up for the GOP's efforts to maintain its control of Capitol Hill.

The president's call for a return of the death penalty was immediately criticized, including by some former Trump acolytes.

DETROW: And he told the crowd he needs Republicans to do it. Democrat Conor Lamb may be conservative, Trump said.

Trump acknowledged those dynamics, noting talk of Lamb as a handsome candidate.

"He said, 'Is it a dealbreaker?' " Trump recalled.

He said that, for the first two hours, his coverage was "unbelievable".

Saccone spoke briefly as the rally ended after Trump introduced him - saying that Saccone is "a really good person" who needs to come to Washington to prevent Democrats from rolling back the GOP tax cuts, limiting Second Amendment rights and thwarting Trump's push for increased military spending.

Trump said he thinks the North wants to have peace.

"And you wonder why we have a problem", Trump said.

Republicans say Democrats are benefiting from an "A+ candidate", whereas they have a lackluster option, who's struggled to raise money. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight.

"I think the Democrats are losing touch with the working guys", said Bill Leskosky, a 59-year-old state transportation department employee who attended the rally with his father-in-law, a retired coal miner.

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