Waving Drone Debris, Netanyahu Threatens to Attack Iran

Waving Drone Debris, Netanyahu Threatens to Attack Iran

"Take back with you a message for the tyrants of Tehran: 'Do not test Israel's resolve,"' Netanyahu said.

"Today, we can see that the USA and Israel have become hilarious actors by displaying the body of a missile at the White House or the wing of a flying object (in Munich) and seeking to describe them as Iranian missile and drone", the top general said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attend a meeting with Muslim leaders and scholars in Hyderabad, India. "You should, it's yours".

In response, Zarif slammed what he called Netanyahu's "cartoonish circus", adding it "does not even deserve the dignity of a response".

The downing of the Iranian drone on February 10 was the first direct confrontation between Israel and Iran in Israeli territory.

A Syrian anti-aircraft missile hit one of the attacking Israeli F-16 jets, which crashed on Israeli soil after the two pilots ejected.

Mr Netanyahu said: "No doubt Mr Zarif will brazenly deny Iran's involvement in Syria". He has also said he would work with European allies to remove so-called "sunset clauses" that allow Iran to gradually resume advanced nuclear activities in the next decade. Israel has always been accusing Iran of using Syrian territories as launchpads for attacks and transfer of weapons to the Shia extremist group Hezbollah.

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He deflected a question about whether Iran could recognise Israel, accusing Israel of using "aggression as a policy against its neighbours" and the Palestinians, and saying it was "trying to escape responsibility for its criminal policies".

Netanyahu said the one positive thing to come of Iranian aggression in the Middle East was that Israel had drawn closer to its Arab neighbors in response.

Also speaking at the conference, Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov and former U.S. secretary of state John Kerry, who helped finalise the agreement, criticised moves to end the deal.

"Now there has been one positive outcome of Iran's growing aggression in the region".

In his speech, Mr Netanyahu drew a parallel between the 1938 Munich Agreement, seen as a failed attempt to appease Nazi Germany, and the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu said alliances were changing in the region. "Or are you going to put it out and use the intervening time to prevent it from ever catching fire again?" "If Iran's interests are not secured, we will respond seriously", he said.

Netanyahu has used other high-profile platforms, including the US Congress and United Nations General Assembly, to highlight the existential threat to Israel if Iran develops nuclear weapons.

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