Putin and Erdogan 'happy' with Syria congress in Sochi

Putin and Erdogan 'happy' with Syria congress in Sochi

Syria's war shows no sign of ending and a peace conference hosted by Russian Federation on Tuesday was marred by discord.

The lawmakers informed by the social media that the Congress was held under the slogan "Peace to the People of Syria".

Sochi hosted talks between the Syrian government and the opposition in the hope of paving the way for a peaceful settlement of the seven-year conflict gripping Syria.

Authorities from Syria's Kurdish autonomous region said at the weekend they would also boycott the event because of the ongoing Turkish offensive on the Kurdish enclave of Afrin. The congress is sponsored by Russia, Turkey and Iran, and the main goal of the meeting, accordingto Russian President Vladimir Putin is to gather "delegates from various political parties, internal and external opposition, ethnic and confessional groups at the negotiating table".

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"In your final declaration today you've embraced 12 principles, developed in the Geneva political process, which describes a vision of Syria, that all Syrians should be able to share". Political delegations from Iran, Russia and Turkey, as the three countries which initiated the negotiations, as well as a United Nations delegation led by Staffan de Mistura attended the talks. The proposal was eventually by Iran and Turkey, guarantors of the Syrian peace process along with Russian Federation.

The conference agreed to create a constitutional committee which will work in Geneva and a list of 150 participants has been drawn up: Two thirds from the government side and one third representing the opposition.

Other Syrian opposition members based in Turkey staged a protest, refusing to leave the Sochi airport on arrival when they saw pictures of the Syrian flag.

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