British Judge Upholds Arrest Warrant Against WikiLeaks Founder Assange

British Judge Upholds Arrest Warrant Against WikiLeaks Founder Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today lost his appeal to overturn arrest warrant issued against him by the UK.

Sweden dropped the rape case against him, but the Brits still want to take Assange to court for breaching the conditions of his bail.

He said Assange had had "reasonable grounds" for fleeing to the embassy in 2012 because of his fear that he would be ultimately be extradited to the United States.

The judgment, handed down this afternoon by the Chief Magistrate of England and Wales, confirmed that the arrest warrant issued in 2012 against Assange for skipping bail is still valid.

Swedish prosecutors dropped the case a year ago, saying all possible leads had been "exhausted".

"He was arrested in this country in December 2010 and from the very outset did two things".

The item, which has been deemed "non-suspicious" by police, was addressed to Mr Assange, he said in a tweet.

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His supporters say his health has deteriorated significantly during his years in the embassy, and the London court heard he had suffered depression, dental and shoulder problems.

As a result, in May 2017 the Swedish proceedings and European Arrest Warrant were withdrawn.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said the incident was "stood down" after the package was assessed.

Tuesday's ruling prolongs a stalemate that has kept Assange as Ecuador's houseguest for 5? years. Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Ecuador's foreign minister, said Assange would not leave the embassy without security guarantees because he has received threats on his life.

One British judge may decide Assange is now safe from arrest over his skipped bail.

"He was under a duty to surrender to the custody of the court and failed to surrender at the appointed time for him to do so".

Posters featuring character of the WikiLeaks founder are fixed on a barrier in front of the Ecuadorian embassy. She said the Ecuadorean government is seeking a "dignified and just" solution in his case with the British government.

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