Nelly's girlfriend dismisses new sexual assault allegations

Nelly's girlfriend dismisses new sexual assault allegations

The recent accusations were made public after TMZ reported Monique Greene, his first accuser, filed an injunction asking a judge to legally demand Nelly from sexually assaulting other women. "Their testimonies are now being presented as evidence that Nelly allegedly has a pattern of "[preying] on his selected female fans" in order to sexually assault them. "Jane Doe 2" alleges that in December 2017, also after one of Nelly's England shows, she was invited onto his tour bus along with some of her friends. She was invited to his dressing room, but her friends were prevented from accompanying her by security guards.

The woman says the second time they were secluded, Nelly dropped his trousers and began masturbating, tried to pull off her top without her consent, and tried to kiss her repeatedly. The second woman alleges that Nelly trapped her in a bathroom, masturbated in front of her and tried to force her to perform oral sex before she got away, court papers say.

At the time, Rosenblum said: "It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized". Nelly believed they "were drawn to and could not resist his penis", according to the complaint.

"Nelly closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his pants", the complaint reads according to The Grio.

Nelly has filed a counter-suit against the woman who accused him of rape. The rapper allegedly pulled his trousers down, began masturbating in front of her and then told her, "You want this dick, don't you".

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USA TODAY has reached out to Nelly's representatives for comment. Once he thought he had her in position, Defendant Nelly released her shoulder.

In a lengthy Instagram post captioned "Enough is Enough", Miss Jackson admits that her relationship with Nelly has been affected by the allegations and that they're working on rebuilding trust, but she calls the new allegations against him "false claims", and she knows this because she was "at those venues, in the dressing rooms, and on that tour bus".

The attack described by "Jane Doe no. 2" is much more graphic.

The criminal case against the rapper was ultimately dismissed when Greene refused to cooperate with prosecutors. Greene allegedly became belligerent and Nelly ordered off the the tour bus. "This type of reckless false allegation can not be tolerated as it is an affront to the real survivors of sexual assault", Rosenblum said in December.

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