Will you get the flu shot?

Will you get the flu shot?

'Continued efforts are needed to increase the percentage of the population vaccinated during the next few months in order to reduce the burden of flu, ' the authors of the CDC report said. Despite that guidance, less than half of Americans have received a shot this season. The CDC says this is side effect is rare, but a court found Smith was entitled to compensation.

"They had quite a substantial epidemic due to H3N2, so there's a lot of speculation that that's foreboding a severe season for us also", she said from Vancouver.

The biggest drop in flu shot rates was seen among Hispanic adults (down 7.7 percent from last year). "It's best to get it now and not wait until the flu is more widespread", Beard said. Individuals can contact the health department at 325-646-0554 for information about the cost of the flu vaccine for children.

The CDC says a study done this year showed that flu vaccination reduced the risk of flu-associated death by half (51 percent) among children with underlying high-risk medical conditions and by almost two-thirds (65 percent) among healthy children.

"It makes me a little sad that people across the country - especially pregnant women - may not be getting the recommended and appropriate health care", Altmann said.

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Welltok's data also reveals that seniors with certain comorbidities are far more susceptible to hospitalization if they contract the flu virus.

Experts warn this could be an early sign that the U.S. faces the same fate as Australia, which had one of its worst outbreaks on record, with two and a half times the normal number of cases. That death reported in mid-November involved a child age four or younger.

Dr. Allison McGeer, director of infection control at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, said lab testing in Ontario is turning up "quite a lot of B isolates, almost as many Bs as H3N2". Making predictions is typically tricky, but this year saw a record-breaking number of cases in Australia, where the vaccine was only about 10 percent effective against a particular strain of the virus that ran rampant.

"The difference is the cold is going to last about two weeks and you may not have the achiness that you have a long with the flu", Hubenka said.

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