Annual flu vaccine campaign starts Wednesday

Annual flu vaccine campaign starts Wednesday

The flu season has just begun but Tulsa health leaders want to make sure families are taking precautions.

Washington had 278 confirmed flu deaths in the past year, and Throne says 6 of those were children.

They're urging people to get a flu shot now before it gets any worse in our own community. Additionally, hospital and EMS systems were strained by the increased demand of patients seeking immediate care.

Thirty-one people have been hospitalized in our state since flu season started at the beginning of the month.

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Uninsured individuals can expect to pay $25 for a regular dose flu shot and $55 for a high dose vaccine for those who are ages 65 or older. An annual flu vaccine, including the new formulations, is covered by Medicare, Part B. Talk with your healthcare provider to see which vaccine is best for you. Those with fevers and cough should stay at home until they have been fever free (a temp less than 100.4 F) at least 24 hours without taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen before returning to work, school or daycare.

Department medical director Patricia Quinlisk says the man's death "is an unfortunate reminder the flu virus does have the potential to cause severe illness and death, especially in the very young, very old or those who have underlying health conditions".

Jalbert advised that the flu is highly contagious and can lead to serious complications and hospitalization for vulnerable people.

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