Sanctuary cities targeted by ICE raids

Sanctuary cities targeted by ICE raids

Washington, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have arrested 498 undocumented immigrants in a four-day operation in sanctuary city jurisdictions, which shield illegal aliens from deportation.

In addition to the NY arrests, there were 28 in Baltimore; 30 in Cook County, Illinois; 63 in Denver; 101 in Los Angeles; 107 in Philadelphia; 33 in Portland; 27 in Santa Clara County, California; 14 in Washington, D.C.; and 50 across MA. OR is one of those jurisdictions.

ICE officials said that Operation Safe City specifically targeted some of the fiercest opponents of U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration policies, including New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington. "The targets in MA were criminal aliens, those who were fugitives or those who illegally re-entered the U.S.", ICE said in a statement.

Yet somehow the national ICE press office reported that all of those arrests occurred in Portland, a city that Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited last week to slam jurisdictions that decline to honor immigration detainers or share information with federal agents about people in the country illegally who face criminal charges.

In the agency's release, acting director Tom Homan criticized regions and municipalities, often known as sanctuary cities, that pass laws preventing local law enforcement from cooperating with immigration officers.

Among those arrested by ICE agents were more than 180 immigrants who did not have any criminal convictions. According to the report, these undocumented aliens had previously been released from local jails before ICE could take custody of them.

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Cross said the county's sheriff, Mike Reese, has adopted a hard-core sanctuary policy toward ICE. Authorities said they prioritized immigrants with criminal records, but many of their crimes were non-violent and a quarter of them were for driving under the influence.

Despite assurances from activist mayors and police chiefs, sanctuary cities are not a safe space from federal laws.

Within the statement, ICE also insisted that it did not target any Dreamers, who are still protected under the DACA act. By comparison, 45 people were arrested in the entire state of NY, and 50 were arrested in MA.

Federal agents arrested 1,570 immigrants in New England and 77,974 across the country from January 20 to July 20, according to the ICE data.

Among those arrested in Baltimore was a citizen of El Salvador who entered the US illegally on a fraudulent passport, and was previously convicted of first-degree assault. Others had broken immigration law, which is not a criminal offense. NY authorities released him to rather than turn him over to ICE. Officials said he rammed several law-enforcement vehicles in an attempt to avoid arrest in Los Angeles. In all, 11 of the 28 taken into custody had criminal convictions.

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