President Trump to Dramatically Slash Number of Refugees Entering US

President Trump to Dramatically Slash Number of Refugees Entering US

- The Trump administration announced on Wednesday it plans to resettle a maximum of 45,000 refugees in 2018, fewer than in 2017 and far fewer than the USA accepted in 2016.

The report details in part the administration's decision to set the cap for refugee admissions for the coming year at 45,000, with no customary "unallocated reserve" in case of unforeseen circumstances that would cause an uptick in need.

He made the issue a focus during the presidential campaign, advocating for a wall along the US border with Mexico and the deportation of immigrants in the country illegally, and saying that Syrian refugees fleeing their country's civil war present a security threat to the United States.

Those who are accepted for resettlement in the United States are selected by the United Nations refugee agency from among the most vulnerable displaced people. The administration was considering a decision that would fall between the Homeland Security Department's proposed cap of 40,000, and the State Department's preferred ceiling of 50,000 refugees, The Detroit News reported citing unnamed officials. The State Department refused to comment on prospective figures ahead of a presidential declaration.

The Refugee Act of 1980 requires that the president submit such a determination prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. The U.S. welcomed 84,995 in fiscal year 2016, and former President Barack Obama had wanted to raise that number to 110,000 in 2017. The figure represents the maximum number of refugees the US would be willing to accept. Obama had said the United States would welcome 110,000 refugees in the 2017 fiscal year.

Officials couldn't say whether people from those countries would be allowed in as refugees. But the United States can only promote such approaches most effectively when friends and allies see that we are practicing at home what we preach overseas.

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The new cap is the lowest in decades for the U.S. refugee admission program and marks an especially steep decline from recent years. He is expected to set a cap of 45,000 for FY 2018. The vast majority stay in the countries in which they first apply for asylum, predominantly developing countries, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

Turkey hosts as many as three million refugees, and Lebanon hosts more than a million, many of them Syrian nationals.

1980, the USA was instrumental in the resettling of at least 200,000 refugees from across the world.

Some White House officials, including Stephen Miller, Trump's top policy adviser and an immigration hawk, had sought to set next year's cap as low as 15,000. In a proposal submitted late last week, the department called for a reduction to 40,000 refugees in the next budget year starting October 1, citing concerns about its workload and ability to adequately vet those seeking entry.

Critics slammed the new cap as insufficient, noting that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates about 22.5 million refugees around the world, the largest estimate in U.N. history. He said there is enough money at DHS to do both "if the administration actually cared about refugees".

Officials said the administration doesn't plan to keep the suspension in place after the 120-day period ends next month. From Albert Einstein to Madeleine Albright to Sergey Brin to so many others, refugees have benefited the United States enormously.

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