Apple adds 4K and HDR to Apple TV for 'cinematic quality'

Apple adds 4K and HDR to Apple TV for 'cinematic quality'

At an event in Cupertino in the brand new Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple campus, the tech giant announced a new Apple TV that supports 4K movies, but the bigger news might have to do with the pricing schemes. Amazon Prime 4K video will be bringing its 4K content to the Apple TV later this year. Orders for the Apple TV 4K will begin on September 15th and ship beginning September 22nd. CEO Tim Cook announced that next-gen has arrived with 4K playback support, so the streaming box is aptly named, Apple TV 4K. This delivers two times the performance over the 2015 model and grants four times the GPU performance - at the keynote event, Apple demonstrated how the Apple TV 4K could smoothly run games. The company has also decided that the 4K HDR 10 movies will command a same price tag as the HD movies.

The Apple TV 4K also has, compared to its predecessor, much more power under the hood.

Apple is also bringing live sports and TV to the Apple TV too, with support from well over 25 different services. Existing purchases in HD and standard dynamic range will be automatically upgraded at no extra cost. Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet software and services, said that if your favorite team is playing on ESPN, it'll be prominently featured on Apple TV.

Apple is counting on iTunes to help sales of Apple TV 4K (and vice versa). A multi-player game that allows upto 8 users to connect on the social adventure, Sky provides depth, clarity and great gameplay for the Apple TV, other thanm the regular feed and features.

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Cue also revealed that the Apple TV app, now only available in the United States is to begin to roll out in other markets.

It has a new processor that is 70 percent faster than last year's chip, Apple executive Jeff Williams said at the product's introduction.

But Apple is hoping to make Apple TV more than just a device for streaming movies to televisions, pushing the ability to share photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad and the potential as a hub for the smart home.

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