Apple Kicks Home Button to the Curb on iPhone 8

Apple Kicks Home Button to the Curb on iPhone 8

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources claimed that Apple has scheduled a product announcement event on September 12 that will include the expected three new iPhone models: the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8.

Users will be able to drag the software bar into the middle of the phone screen - or flick up to open a multitasking screen, the sources suggest. That is exactly 14 days from now and we can expect to see the iPhone 8 then.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly include wireless inductive charging, though it's unclear whether the phone will work with current wireless chargers on the market.

Of course, this is just rumor at this point, and the final UI for the iPhone 8 may differ from what's stated above in any number of ways. Many reports have pegged the iPhone 8's display size at 5.8 inches. Samsung pretends this is no big deal, but this gimmick creates a false sense of security that many consumers won't know is about as secure as "swipe to unlock". Thanks to the phone's design - the entire front of the device will be screen (except for a small notch up top) - Apple's entire approach to phones will need to change.

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I could go on. In fact, it's arguably going to be the biggest design change in the history of the iPhone. Facial scanning technology already has been seen on other phones, including Samsung Corp.'s (SSNLF) Galaxy S8 smartphone, released in April, and its Note 8 phone, expected to launch September 15. For example, it will have thin bezels, a facial recognition sensor, and a longer power button. The overall footprint is closer to the iPhone 7 than the iPhone 7 Plus.

The dock that houses commonly-used apps will function similarly to the iPad version of iOS 11.

Several other large investors have also recently bought and sold shares of the stock.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the status bar will be split into what Apple employees are internally referring to as "ears". The left side displays the time, while the right side show cellular and Wi-fi connectivity, as well as remaining battery life. The device will also sport an OLED screen, which makes it brighter and more colorful compared to its predecessors. With Apple expected to eliminate the concept of a home button entirely and effectively turn its flagship iPhone into one big screen, numerous classic iPhone user interactions will have to change along with it.

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