US, Mexican officials play nice as Donald Trump doubles down on wall

US, Mexican officials play nice as Donald Trump doubles down on wall

A meeting between Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday at the G20 summit in Germany will last about 30 minutes and probably not lead to any major agreements, Mexico's foreign minister said on Wednesday.

"We're renegotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico, and we'll see how it all turns out, but I think we've made very good progress", Trump said, according to The Washington Post.

Mexico has repeatedly insisted it would not pay for such a wall, a proposal that won Trump some of his loudest applause during his campaign.

Since his election, every once in a while, Trump still makes perfunctory remarks about building the wall, but he has bigger fish to fry, namely trying to get his execrable health plan passed and dealing with all the Russia-related scandals. Pena Nieto had no comment.

Mr Nieto described Mr Trump as his "friend" and said the summit meeting would "help us continue a very strong dialogue" on NAFTA.

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Trump could have ignored the question shouted out by a reporter, but he didn't.

Pena Nieto tweeted later to say he had had a "productive meeting" with Trump, in which they reviewed "advances in migration, security and economic development". The White House had previously spread the word that Trump was ready to pull out of the pact enitrely, but then Trump reversed course and said he would seek a better deal first.

There has been uncertainty about the process because the United States has yet to set out its negotiating objectives. "It was not subject of the conversation".

The two presidents spoke behind closed doors for about 30 minutes after delivering statements to the press.

Erecting a Mexican-funded wall along the US southern border to curb illegal immigration has been a priority and faltering promise for the current administration.

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