'Trump county' voters support policies but not style

'Trump county' voters support policies but not style

But they can prolong the process to an excruciating degree and are doing so in many cases, giving Senate Republicans and the White House fits.

52 percent voters favor Democrats in control.

For the die-hard Trump supporter, polls don't account for much, especially when the media drools over the president's historic low approval ratings. What it also has shown is that an overwhelming number of Democrats who never voted in the last 2014 mid-term, plan to vote come 2018.

A poll analysis also says the president's approval ratings, which have dropped to 36 percent, could influence how individuals will vote. Donald Trump may be costing his fellow Republicans the 2018 election, yet they continue to support him and look the other way when incriminating evidence is presented in the Trump/Russia investigation. "For one thing, Americans who strongly disapprove of Trump do not appear to be any more motivated to vote than the average American". There are many Independent voters who feel neither party serves the best interest of America's populous when corporate lobbyists control congress.

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There's no significant difference between Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who say Trump is making significant progress toward his goals as president and those leaning Republicans who say he is not.

The poll, conducted from July 13 to 15, found that 81 percent of Democrats rank a Trump-Russia probe well ahead of a number of national priorities, perhaps suggesting the nearly six-month-old administration has further distracted the public from serious problems.

While Democrats are heavily targeting the House in 2018, the Senate is seen as a tougher prize. The margin of error for overall results is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points and a sampling error of four points for the 859 registered voters.

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