Doomfist finally arrives as Overwatch's newest hero

Doomfist finally arrives as Overwatch's newest hero

After charging up, Doomfist lunges forward and knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall.

For now, Doomfist is available for play right now in the Public Testing Region of Overwatch which is available on PC only.

Blizzard may have dropped the new information as they gear up for a proper Doomfist reveal.

The other takeaway from the video is that Doomfist is not voiced by Overwatch enthusiast and Doomfist's biggest promoter, Terry Crews.

All the rumors have panned out, as Blizzard has added long-awaited character Doomfist to the Overwatch PTR.

In a post on the Overwatch website, Blizzard wrote that Akande Ogundimu a.k.a Doomfist, had escaped the Helix Security International's maximum security installation.

Imprisoned by Overwatch before its downfall and freed by Reaper, Doomfist believes that the only way humanity can grow stronger is through conflict.

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Doomfist is an offensive hero who specializes in melee combat.

Doomfist is an offense hero equipped with cybernetics that make him a "highly mobile, powerful frontline fighter".

Aside from the origin story, more of Doomfist's background is also explained in the Developer Update, also seen below, along with an explanation of his abilities.

Have you played Doomfist yet?

His Meteor Strike ultimate is where he really shines - against a tightly packed group, he jumps out of view, then crashes down to earth dealing massive damage.

Well according to Kaplan, while his range won't be on par with Hanzo or Widowmaker, his primary fire is basically a shotgun that fires out of the knuckles of his gauntlet which is called "Hand Cannon".

- Seismic Slam - Doomfist jumps forward and slams his gauntlet on the ground, knocking enemies to him. When he deals ability damage, he generate temporary personal shields to help him stay in the fight longer.

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