Google Says It Will Stop Scanning Your Emails to Serve Ads

Google Says It Will Stop Scanning Your Emails to Serve Ads

Google will no longer scan the contents of your emails to serve up personalized ads. Paying Gmail users never received the email-scanning ads like the free version of the program, but some business customers were confused by the distinction and its privacy implications, said Diane Greene, Google's senior vice president of cloud.

Data in G Suite's Gmail isn't scanned for ad personalization, and soon, we'll be able to say the same about every Gmail user around the world. In fact, it seems the reassurance of G Suite customers who use Gmail is one of the driving forces behind the change that is coming to consumer Gmail customers. While we're a long way away from complete privacy from Google's prying eyes (and will nearly certainly never get there), the company's decision to stop pulling information from Gmail certainly is encouraging.

The change brings Gmail in line with the paid G Suite service that is geared towards corporate customers - Google said that it wanted to standardize its practices to appease its more than 3 million G Suite customers. "Ads shown are based on users' settings", Google said in its announcement. The search engine chose to stop scanning the inboxes of Gmail free users for targeted advertisements later this year. Users can change those settings at any time, including disabling ads personalization. G Suite emails are not scanned for targeted advertising, and Google said that it wanted to standardize its practices to appease its more than 3 million G Suite customers, who might be anxious about the privacy of their emails.

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There are more than 1.2 billion users of the free Gmail service, according to Google.

Deciding to make Gmail a little more private could help Google convince people to stick with its service instead of turning to others. Gmail add-ons will enable features like payments and invoicing directly within Gmail, further revolutionizing what can be accomplished in email. However, Google will no longer scan your mails to sell targeted ads. No other email service protects its users from spam, hacking, and phishing as successfully as Gmail. More details about when the change will be made or how it will roll out weren't provided.

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