ICE arrests more than 1000 gang members nationwide

ICE arrests more than 1000 gang members nationwide

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement has conducted their largest anti-gang operation ever on Thursday, arresting more than 1,300 people for gang related activity. ICE said it worked with San Antonio police to arrest Gilbert Vasquez III, an alleged associate of the Tango Orejon Gang, on April 5.

Unlike the agency's immigration section, HSI has broad powers to enforce hundreds of federal laws on crimes like child exploitation, human smuggling, and drug and weapons trafficking.Its agents routinely arrest US citizens.

The operation targeted transnational criminal activity such as drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, human smuggling, sex trafficking, murder, and racketeering.

According to ICE, 280 arrests were soley immigration-related.

The operation was highly successful, leading to 1,378 total arrests, including 445 non-citizen foreign nationals.

The six-week operation from March 26 to May 6 netted five arrests in the Las Vegas area, according to an ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice. Homan said that practice hurts law enforcement and puts the public at risk.

The agency planned an afternoon news conference to further address the arrests and the overall operation.

Twenty Michigan people from Flint and Detroit involved in seven different gangs were arrested as part of a six-week gang investigation that nabbed more than 1,000 suspects across the nation.

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Of those, 1,095 were confirmed as gang members, ICE said, while the remaining 238 "were arrested on either criminal or administrative charges".

The largest number of arrests took place in metropolitan areas around Houston, New York, Atlanta, and Newark, N.J. He especially drew a hard line on gang members, saying, "All illegal aliens in gangs should be apprehended and deported". Of those, the majority were US citizens who are allegedly involved in transnational gang activity.

Media captionNisa Mickens, 15, was killed by an MS-13 gang including undocumented immigrants.

283 had no gang affiliation.

-Nine members of the Bounty Hunter Bloods street gang.

Three of the gangsters arrested had previously been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Additionally, of the 1,478 gang members arrested, 10 of them had crossed the U.S. -Mexico Brder as unaccompanied minors.

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