NY just OK'd tuition-free college for middle class

NY just OK'd tuition-free college for middle class

The "Excelsior Scholarship" provision of the budget will allow students from families earning less than $125,000 per year to attend all two- or four-year institutions in the City University of ny and State University of ny systems tuition-free.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "Excelsior Scholarship" would apply to families with an annual income of $125,000 or less with a student who was accepted to the state's four year colleges or universities.

It allows income eligible students from NY to attend public colleges and universities in the state tuition-free. The income cap rises to $110,000 in 2018 and will reach $125,000 for 2019.

"College is today what high school was 50 years ago", Cuomo said on a radio interview Sunday on AM 970 in New York City.

Graduated students who would have qualified will not be receiving any aid from the Excelsior Scholarship either, and the program also does not cover the cost of books, and other college expenses.

Under terms of the deal, students who accept free tuition to SUNY or CUNY schools would be required to live and work in NY for the same number of years as they accepted the benefit, or the free tuition would be converted into a student loan. An estimated 200,000 students would be eligible once the program is fully implemented.

With tuition at a NY state community college clocking in at $4,350, and their state university counterpart coming in about $2,000 more, the necessity to alleviate educational debt is apparent. Oregon, Tennessee and the city of San Francisco already made community college tuition-free for residents.

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Dubbed "Affordable New York", the new program closely resembles the one initially proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in January.

The tuition plan will be phased in over three years.

The final budget includes an additional $19 million to create a new financial assistance program for private school students whose families make under the income cap, according to the governor.

As if it wasn't already expensive to live in NY. If students decide to move out of the NY, they are required to pay the state back.

Some students are happy to hear that state lawmakers approved a plan to provide free college tuition for the middle class, while other students and lawmakers say it may hurt taxpayers. Free higher education is something that Bernie Sanders as possible in this country.

Participating students are required to take a full course load (which for SUNY is 30 credits a year) and maintain good grades. The scholarship means students won't pay anything for tuition. Accordingly, they would not want a recent SUNY and CUNY graduate to be obligated to pay for taking a great job out of state. Those students would get a maximum award of $3,000.

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