NASA To Launch Mission To The Sun In 2018

However that should happen soon after NASA's upcoming mission to the sun. But, the atmosphere above the surface of sun is a blistering 2 million degrees Celsius. The Solar Probe Plus mission was announced in 2008, with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory announcing it will design and build the spacecraft. A launch window for the Solar Probe Plus will occur between July 31 - August 19, 2018, according to NASA. And fuelling the space exploration programs is the new initiative by NASA to send robot to the sun. This mission will provide insight on a critical link in the Sun-Earth connection. Astronomers say that the atmosphere of the sun is hotter than the unstable corona and now the scientists are looking forward to explaining this scenario to all. However, unlike Icarus, who plunged to his death when the sun melted his wings, we need to be very careful in our endeavor. The sun's volume would need 1.3 million Earths to fill it.

"You'd think the farther away you get from a heat source, you'd get colder", Eric Christian, a NASA research scientist at the Greenbelt, Maryland-based Goddard Space Flight Center, told Studies have indicated that the surface temperature on Sun is 5,500 degrees Celsius and that's way too less compared to the temperatures of the atmosphere of the Sun that is sizzling at a whopping two million degrees Celsius. The farther we get from the solar surface, the hotter it becomes for millions of miles.

NASA hopes the mission will provide answers to three specific questions about the Sun, which can not be answered from Earth's distance of 93 million miles. "The sun blows a stream of charged particles in all directions at a million miles an hour", Christian said.

Next, NASA wants to know how the solar wind gets its speed.

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Technological and infrastructure affected by space weather events. As per the reports, they have designed a 1.4 centimetres carbon-composite shield that can survive at 1,370 degrees Celsius.

The unmanned probe will have special heat tubes called thermal radiators that will radiate heat that permeates the heat shield to open space, "so it does not go to the instruments, which are sensitive to heat", Christian added. If everything works properly, the probe should maintain room temperature inside, and be able to beam back data. The probe will likewise get protection from radiation, which can damage the electrical circuits and memory.

Unlike landing probes on Mars and Moon, scientists can not land a probe on the Sun, but they will try to make the closest approach to the Sun while keeping the spacecraft alive.

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