House Freedom Caucus Leader Says Obamacare Repeal Effort Not Over Yet

House Freedom Caucus Leader Says Obamacare Repeal Effort Not Over Yet

Schumer said Sunday that Democrats are ready to work with President Trump to fix Obamacare if Republicans abandon their drive to repeal the law. When Trump was drawing up his list of potential Supreme Court nominees previous year, he said he was relying on guidance from Heritage and from the Federalist Society, an influential conservative legal group.

But the head of the Freedom Caucus, Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, insisted Sunday that progress on health care remained possible. And now he and his party have been dealt a stinging defeat on a signature campaign promise, a defeat that further weakens a president whose approval rating has hovered under 40 percent and humiliates Republicans who have pledged for seven long years to undo President Barack Obama's health care law.

"There are some folks in the Republican House caucus who have yet to make the pivot from complaining to governing", said Republican pollster Whit Ayres.

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon had his own run-in with the Freedom Caucus, which features many of his fellow like-minded conservatives.

Obama succeeded. Trump failed, Whalen noted, because Trump had fewer Republicans, 237, than Obama had Democrats, 253, in 2010. "We always have been and I think more so now than ever".

Ryan has described the Republican-led White House and Congress as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to radically simplify the tax code.

President Donald Trump is hoping to drive his priorities forward following the crumbling of the Republican health care bill but GOP finger-pointing is rampant, underscoring how tough it will be to produce the unity the party will need. "I think there's been a lot of flexibility in terms of some of my contacts in conservatives in terms of not making it totally offset.", Meadows said in an interview on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos".

The unmitigated failure of the GOP bill to replace Obamacare underscored that Republicans are a party of upstart firebrands, old-guard conservatives and moderates in Democratic-leaning districts. And I am glad that we were able to accomplish that.

Trump, Ryan and other Republican leaders worked for days to sway their colleagues, inviting them to the White House and meeting with them behind-closed door in the Capitol.

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"From the beginning of the process, I think the way it was set up did not bring the disparate parts of the conference together", Amash said.

Trump tweeted Sunday morning that the Freedom Caucus was to blame for keeping both the Obamacare and Planned Parenthood alive, as the bill would have cut federal funding for the family health provider. Senate Democrats have threatened to filibuster any language providing money for the wall.

"We've communicated very clearly what we'd like to see and have done", Meadows said. "But he's going to have to tell the Freedom Caucus and the hard-right special wealthy interests who are dominating his presidency ... he can't work with them, and we'll certainly look at his proposals".

"I think they're pretty shell-shocked at their inability to get anything done".

"We will get there", he said Friday.

Republicans warned that a blame game would be counterproductive. "That's going to require some answers from the Freedom Caucus", said GOP Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania.

"So, tax reform and lowering taxes, you know, will create and generate more income", he said.

It's true, the Trump plan would have changed the Obamacare formula that required insurers to charge older consumers no more than three times what they charge the youngest adults. "The Trump Administration doesn't have its tax plan finished, either; Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and most congressional Republicans are not fully up to speed on the enormously complicated tax issues that have to be resolved".

The failure to get the health plan through the House, a task considered easier than in the Senate, may portend even greater difficulty in passing complicated tax reform and the rest of Trump's ambitious agenda.

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