Facebook 360 app takes your social media obsession into virtual reality

Facebook 360 app takes your social media obsession into virtual reality

"Saved" gives you an opportunity to experience 360 content you may have seen on the web in a more immersive in-headset experience, while "Timeline" lets you check out your own 360 photos and videos all in one place.

"Vimeo's creator community is known for pioneering new video formats and pushing the boundaries of storytelling", said Anjali Sud, svp and gm of Vimeo's creator platform, in a statement.

And finally, Vimeo is also bringing support for 360 video to its Vimeo on Demand platform, where creators can sell their videos on a transactional or subscription basis.

In the online video world, all the cool kids are making 360-degree videos, so naturally, the platform known for its cool, artsy videos has chose to get in on the action. Last week, during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google's head of VR said the company plans to equip "tens of millions" of smartphones with Google's Daydream VR software this year.

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Facebook 360, available to download from the Oculus app, is now only available on Samsung Gear VR and Gear VR-compatible headsets. All you need to do is pop open the Oculus Store on your Samsung Phone, find and download the Facebook 360 app, and you're good to go.

Explore: "Discover some of the most interesting and popular 360 content on Facebook from media companies, organizations, and individual creators". The app will serve as a hub for the 360 video and photo content posted to the site. "We believe Vimeo creators are the missing piece to taking 360 video from nascent to mainstream".

At launch, Facebook 360 will feature four main "feeds", delivering content into users' eyeballs from closer than ever. The upload utility will pull your video metadata to assign settings for your specific 360 video or, in the event that you don't have any metadata attached, it will assign common 360 settings on its own.

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