Now we can all expect to live to our eighties

Now we can all expect to live to our eighties

USA life expectancy is already lower than most other high-income nations, and these predictions suggest it is expected to fall further behind; in 2030 the US will have similar life expectancies as middle-income countries like Croatia and Mexico.

It predicts life expectancy is likely to be highest in South Korea (90.8 years), France (88.6) and Japan (88.4) for women, and in South Korea (84.1 years), Australia (84) and Switzerland (84) for men. "There is an at least 95% probability that men's life expectancy at birth in these three countries will surpass 80 years in 2030, and 27% that it would surpass 85 years", the authors wrote.

Life expectancy there already lags behind that of other developed nations, and is predicted to be among the lowest of these countries by 2030.

This is due to several factors, such as a lack of universal healthcare, relatively high child and maternal mortality rates, and high rates of homicides and obesity, according to the study.

It's also the only high-income country without comprehensive health care.

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But the United States is due to have one of the lowest among developed countries with men and women expected to live to 79 and 83.3 years respectively.

At the bottom of the list: Macedonia for women at almost 78, and Serbia for men at about 73. Men born in 2010 can expect to live until they are just over 78 years old rising to 82-and-a-half years old for those born two decades later. While the study is based on comprehensive data, incorporating 21 different life expectancy models to formulate a definitive prediction of the future, different percentages are assigned to likelihoods.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: 'The fact that we are living longer is to be celebrated and it is vital that we help people to age healthily.

Scientists from Imperial College London in collaboration with the World Health Organization set out to study longevity, which reflects "one measure of the overall health of a population", Imperial researcher James Bennett told Seeker. The team of researchers predicted that a girl that is going to be born in South Korea in 2030 is going to live to 91. This new study shows that people in South Korea can reach the age of 90, especially women. Meanwhile, male life expectancy will go from the fourth highest to eleventh out of the countries studied. A country with high childhood mortality rates will lower national life expectancy. "Not only does the United States have high and rising health inequalities, but also life expectancy has stagnated or even declined in some population subgroups", write the authors.

"In particular, we will need to both strengthen our health and social care systems and to establish alternative models of care such as technology-assisted home care", Ezzati said. Men in South Korea also lead in projected life expectancy, at about 84.

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